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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bisualizer Diagram?
A Bisualizer Diagram is a comprehensive model of a business.
Why would I want one?

When you can see how a business works, you can make it work better. First and foremost, that’s why you would want a Bisualizer Diagram. But there are other benefits too. Because they are easy to understand, Bisualizer Diagrams are a great way to communicate the state of a business to others. Think of it as a kind of visual health report. Bisualizer Diagrams also give you the chance to see the impact a small change within one part of the business might have on the overall picture before you actually implement the change. This could save you huge amounts of time, energy, and money.

Where can I find some sample diagrams?

Check out the bottom of the homepage.

What size business does it model?
Bisualizer will create models for any size business, but it is more ideally suited for businesses between $0 and $20M in annual revenue.
Why would I want to create a Bisualizer Diagram for a business with $0 in revenue?

If you can model it before you build it, you will know how it will work when you are ready.

What inputs do you need to create the Bisualizer Diagrams?
  1. Sales funnel numbers
  2. Income statement numbers
  3. Budget numbers
  4. Segments of the sales funnel stages
  5. Processes connected to the segments of the sales funnel stages
  6. The People (employees) connected to the processes (names and pictures)
  7. An understanding of the performance of the People (good, satisfactory, poor)
  8. An understanding of the importance of the People and Processes for each Job
How do I get started with Bisualizer?
Click here to request a demo.
How long does it take to create a Bisualizer Diagram?

After we receive all of the inputs, it will take up to a week to complete the model.

Where can I get some background information about this concept?

The story behind Bisualizer can be found here:

The detailed theory behind this project can be found here: