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When you can see how a business works, you can make it work better

A Bisualizer Diagram is a clear, easy way to see the problem areas in a business and demonstrate how targeted solutions can increase profit, optimize systems, and inspire employee excellence. It will revolutionize the toolkit of any business coach or consultant. Contact us today to create one for your client.

Bisualizer diagrams are a new way to see

Learn more about how Bisualizer Diagrams can serve you and your clients.


We believe that anyone with the drive to run a business deserves a chance at success. And we know that if you can see how a business works, it’s easier to make it work better.


Using visual representations of key elements in a business, a Bisualizer Diagram is a comprehensive model that shows you everything you need to know about a company’s health in a single glance…and pinpoints the areas where changes will have the greatest impact.


In a Bisualizer Diagram, scaled symbols—gears, arrows, and circles—represent the three key elements in a business—money, processes, and people. Color-coding indicates where the system is operating at superior efficiency (green), at acceptable efficiency (yellow), or inefficiently (red).



See how money is flowing through a business and how much money is entering and leaving the system at every stage of operation.


See what processes are taking place in a business, when they are happening and where they are happening.


See who is performing the work in a business and why things are happening the way they are across the business at any given time.


Bisualizer Diagrams allow you and your clients to see a business in five different ways, from a basic overview to a detailed breakdown. They also offer the opportunity to compare past and present operations and to predict future outcomes.


The Bisualizer Diagram overview mode is all about showing your client the money. In this view, your client can see simultaneously all of the business’s potential money—the money flowing through the sales funnel—and actual money—costs, profits, and revenue. Color-coded, scaled gears indicate where the business is making significant gains and where it is suffering unnecessary losses. An efficiency bar quantifies how well the business, as a whole, is functioning.


In summary mode, the Bisualizer Diagram homes in on each stage in the sales funnel and each element associated with costs and profits. Here, your client can see not only how the business is performing at each stage, but also how many people are involved from stage to stage and how well each them is performing.


Detail mode gives clients the opportunity to drill down on job efficiency in the business. For each job, the Bisualizer Diagram represents the processes involved (arrows) and the people who carry out the processes (circles). As in other views, color-coding indicates areas of excellence and areas in need of improvement.


Theater mode brings together all of the detail views, allowing clients to scroll through one job at a time. This view is also used for security purposes. A business owner can give individuals within their organization access to some parts of the model, while restricting access to others.


Performance mode is where optimization solutions enter the picture. In this mode, clients are given insight into which people and processes are the most important to their business and where making changes will have the biggest impact on the whole.


Mark Rubin: The Man Behind the Diagram

Mark Rubin cannot dunk a basketball or count cards in Vegas, but he was born with an uncanny talent for visual thinking. He has owned and grown several wildly successful national franchises and credits his achievements to his innovative method of business visualization. Mark works directly with business coaches and consultants to develop Bisualizer Diagrams for their clients. Contact Mark today to see how he can help.