bisualizer helps you see your business truth instantly



Real-time data. All the time.

When you connect Bisualizer to your Salesforce org you will see all of your data in real-time, displayed in a simple layers and through elemental metaphors that make intuitive sense to the human visual cognition system. We are aware of no other software on earth that can do this.


Make better decisions.

  • View your Salesforce data from multiple perspectives so that you can see the truth about what needs to happen next.

  • See which Stages in your sales funnel are working well and where things need improvement.

  • Give everyone on your team the same view of your sales funnel.

  • Objectively see and measure your team's performance so that everyone understands what they need to do to improve.

Immersive interface.


The Bisualizer interface is based on the same visual principles as NASA mission control:

  • All relevant data is collected, but only the most mission-critical elements are conveyed at the top level. (This is called the BLUF model, for Bottom Line Up Front.)

  • The structure in which the data is displayed is itself intelligent; one summary interface leads directly and seamlessly to the next, so that you can follow the entire cognitive chain of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW MUCH, and WHY.

  • In information displays, the evocative power of color is best used sparingly: Blue means good, yellow means worth attention, and red means something is wrong right now.

  • All three components of the Bisualizer interface — the MAINFRAME, the SWAP panels, and the NAVIGATOR — are linked in a clear hierarchy from most the general information to most detailed. Although there is an enormous amount of information at your fingertips, anyone can learn to use the entire Bisualizer interface in less that five minutes.



Amplified visual intuition.

There is an old adage that people make assumptions and decisions based only on the part of the business they can see. The goal of Bisualizer is to use technology and science to help everyone see the whole organization. This not only enables better decision-making, it also provides layers of insight that have never before been possible.



Your business, in truth.

What Bisualizer really does is help everyone across your entire organization see how all the pieces fit together, and see in real time how making changes to one aspect of your business resonates across the entire business.


how busualizer works

Bisualizer is like a visual interpreter that sits on top of your Salesforce data. Bisualizer constantly monitors everything being reported through Salesforce and flows it into a series of screens that visually explain, highlight, and illuminate what is really going on.