Welcome Data Visualization Society!

I have always been able to visualize knowledge about systems of data and I always wanted to explain what I see to other people. By “knowledge”, I mean knowing the data from six perspectives: Who & What, How Many, Where, When, How, and Why. I just finished software (Bisualizer) that connects to Salesforce and converts the sales funnel data into visual knowledge.

Bisualizer creates a visual model of the Salesforce data so that everyone can make better decisions.

I’d love to get your thoughts, ideas, and questions on the visualizations and the usability of the tool. Feel free to email me at: mark@bisualizer.com with any input that you have.

The Scenario

The test environment is connected to a fictitious company called Acme Consulting. Acme Consulting sells project management services to the beverage industry. There are about 40 Leads and 25 Opportunities moving through the sales funnel. Each Lead and Opportunity has Activities such as tasks, emails, phone calls, and meetings assigned to them.

For the purposes of checking things out, please search for “Super Bowl Sponsorship Project” in the Navigator on the left. After this Opportunity loads, you can click on the panels at the bottom to look at it from different perspectives.


The link below leads to a Bisualizer test environment and the login credentials will get you in the application. When you login, you will see a splash screen that defines the colors, the sizing, and the sales funnel. This animation runs for about 10 seconds before the model loads.


Click and double click on the screen elements to navigate “down” the layers of data. Click on the navigation bar to go “up” layers in the data. Click on Where to see where you’ve been.

pro-tip: The best example in the test data is the “Super Bowl Sponsorship Project”. You can search for this Opportunity in the Navigator.

The Fine Print

This is the very first version of Bisualizer and I’m sure there are a few bugs. There is no documentation other than the on-screen help. Bisualizer works best with the latest version of Chrome.


Thanks for taking a look!


The application:


user: dataviz

pass: dataviz

The background (4 1/2 minutes):


The theory: